Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Coming soon - Fortean film gossip

Fortean Times assure me that my 'Forum' (opinion) piece on movie gossip surrounding the 'optioning' by Universal studios of a certain Fortean book will be in the next issue, FT 229 , due out in 18 October. I seem to have made the inadvertent leap into some kind of one-off ''Hollywood Confidential' scandal-mongery. Other forthcoming FT articles of mine include the Natural History Museum's freakshow (issue after next), nipple-tassle twirling Queen of Burlesque, fetish model and parapsychologist Kittie Klaw on... er... parapsychology (in time for Christmas) and the long-awaited long feature on pygmy elephants, whenever the hell I get the time to write it. All of these will be on my website as soon as the 'First British Serial' (ie the issue they're in) has run its course, after which copyright reverts to me.

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