Tuesday, 3 July 2012

From EL Gazette - 'digital destruction' for EFL textbook industry? Wearable simultaneous translation on the way...

The EL Gazette's website redesign isn't expected until September, so meanwhile here are some of my articles from recent issues of EL Gazette.

The Gazette now has a Twitter feed.

Publishers prepare for ‘digital destruction’ - will Apple's new e-textbook venture change EFL publishing forever?

Looking to the future - wearble simultaneous translators

When Teflers want to take Tesol to the next level - doctorates in Tesol and related subjects

UAE teachers ‘learn the wrong skills’

South Sudan students fight over outlawed language

Israeli English-medium unis ‘a cheap option for students from England’ (The Gazette avoids using the word 'English' to describe residence in a constituent part of the UK, it's easily confused with the language!)

Hong Kong reforms spell boost for UK higher ed

Press Association retracts incorrect story of 66 ‘banned’ colleges

Software ‘can tackle translated plagiarism’

Business schools scrap overseas alumni interviews

Top spot for ‘squeezed middle’ - new English phrases for an age of austerity

Qatar, one to watch

US unis favour ban on educational agents

The digital (pdf) edition of the July 2012 EL Gazette will go live on Friday 6 July, if not earlier.

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