Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Coming soon! My travel piece on Sutton Hoo for Fortean Times

My travel feature on Sutton Hoo for "Fortean Traveller" in Fortean Times, FT 390, will be in the shops soon and hitting doormats of subscribers at the end of February 2020.

The National Trust property at Sutton Hoo, Suffolk - site of the world's most spectacular Saxon ship burial - has just had a multi-million pound refit. Most of the tourists are unaware of the stories of supernatural phenomena associated with the discovery of the Sutton Hoo Ship Burial - rumours of Spiritualist seances, dreams revealing treasure and "metal diviners". There are also stories alleging that Elizabethan alchemist and court astrologer Dr John Dee was grave robbing at Sutton Hoo.
The article will appear on this website once the First British Serial rights of Fortean Times have expired.