Tuesday, 15 May 2007

King's Cross Tube announcments by Black Adder narrator shock!

Is it just me, or had anybody noticed that the stern, authoritative and slightly hectoring tone of the very serious announcer at King's Cross tube is the same voice as the narrator on the original set-in-Medieval-times first series of The Black Adder? I absolutely swear that the disembodied voice who says 'Ladies and gentlemen, there is now a good service on the Piccadilly Line," with such gravitas is the same guy who introduced The Black Adder with all that cod Shakespeare nonsense about "out of the mists of history..."
I'm afraid this means I just can't take the recorded announcements by Patrick Allen (not credited in the original transmission of the series) at all seriously, as I half expect it to degenerate into some prologue about the "Witchsniffer Persuivant".

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