Sunday, 1 July 2007

Pornagraphic Edwardian hospital buildings of London, No 1

The Edwardians had some very strange and repressed ideas, as can be seen from this raunchy hospital facade at the Stamford Street end of Waterloo roundabout. (It's now an American university.) Female Edwardian patients going for gynaecology check ups would no doubt have preferred a nicely discreet, featureless building with a small sign on it that you couldn't see from the other side of the street, and which wouldn't draw too much attention to you as you were going in. Instead, they got this thing that screams 'soft porn!' at you from across the street! Even more scandalously for Edwardian times, the ladies on the facade of the Women's Hospital haven't even got their hair done up.
One has to wonder what the architects were thinking.

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