Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Italian translation of 'Trots in Space'

I've just spotted this Italian translation of my Fortean Times 'Trots in Space' feature on the Posadists - a UFO cult who at one point believed that flying saucers were evidence of advanced Socialist civilizations on other planets. I'm following up to find whether this work comes under the syndication deal I signed with Fortean Times way back in 2003, or whether it's unauthorised, in which case, the authors owe me money!

Update: 29 March 2020. I made a deal with the author of the Italian translation, I would take no action if he would let have unlimited use his translation. The Italian translation's since disappeared from the internet. The original English version is on archive.org, after the forestry charity to which former Fortean Times owner Felix Dennis had left his publishing empire decided they didn't want to
bother with fripperies like a back catalogue of articles on their websites anymore.

I will eventually put "Trots in Space" on this blog, footnotes and all, with never-before seen photos, links and updates.

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