Wednesday, 29 October 2008

From the archives of Fortean Times

Juan R Posadas

This article first appeared in Fortean Times of August 2003

Juan R Posadas was no ordinary Trotskyite; socialists from outer space, the benefits of nuclear war and communication with dolphins were all part of his revolutionary programme. Matt Salusbury tells the story of one of the World’s strangest political thinkers... Read this article on, which saved a copy of the now taken-down article from the Fortean Times website.

This links to "Posadism for Beginners", an overview of the ideology that mixed socialism and ufology in equal measures.

Weird Weekend 2007

Matt Salusbury reports on the Centre for Fortean Zoology’s annual cryptozoological gathering... Read this article on the Fortean Times website

This page will be updated shortly, and I will add the complete "Trots in Space" with never-before-seen photos, links and updates.

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