Friday, 23 October 2009

Get that book published, work in non-traditional media

The November 2009 Freelance is now going up online. My articles include:

Get that book published!

Fiction publishing may be “flatlining,” but more and more journalists are getting non-fiction books published, and having a book out gets you more work. Former Virago editor Rebecca Swift, of The Literary Consultants, and former Bloomsbury editor Matthew Hamilton, currently with literary agent Aitken Alexander, tell you how.

Find non-traditional markets for editorial services

Leeds-based freelance Adam Christie (above, centre, in dark blue shirt,) says his regular work with both the Yorkshire Post and the local BBC "disappeared in an evening". He tells how he found work using his journalism skills "outside the media industry".

Which website?

Web designer and “new media” expert Gary Herman says most of the famous computer catastrophes were down to insufficient attention to the "spec", the specification of what a website or software tool is for. If you're considering paying someone to set up a website, or setting one up yourself, think very carefully about the "spec": what is the purpose of the site and how may it change in future? Read his advice here.

And I’m currently helping to organise this conference on “new ways to make the media pay” for Saturday 16 January 2010.

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