Friday, 6 September 2013

Last chance to see Haringey Heads

My Haringey Heads photo exhibition is still on at Bruce Castle Museum, Tottenham, but must close Sunday 29 September. (It'll still be there for the London Open House weekend.)
Special guest for the exhibition is the ornamental concrete or plaster (not entirely sure which?) head removed from the Wood Green Empire cinema in the 1970s by Haringey Council staff. The Wood Green Empire is now the Halifax building society, and still has some lions on it (photo below, although it's not in the exhibition.)

I was a little surprised to see I had become a municipal poster boy, with a massive Haringey Council poster of myself displayed in the exhibition. Photo of me copyright Dave Butroid, photo of photo copyright Rikki Blue.

Directions are here. Flyer is here.

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