Friday, 24 April 2009

Dark Nights is out

The 2009 Dark Nights - official journal of the Vampyre ConneXion is now out - mostly written, illustrated and designed (on Word!) by myself. Features include the Camden Town fire, 'vampyrates' (vampire pirates), Japaneze vampaparazzi (photographers and reporters from Japanese lifestyle magazine Kara Maniax who doorstep attendees at vampire-themed fancy dress parties) and many more.

There's a very limited number of copies available for £3.50 including UK postage, details from Franco Carta (aka Dionisus) via

This is likely to be the last Dark Nights for a while. Harmless fancy dress vampire enthusiast societies, like banks, are feeling the pinch at the moment and merging, and what's left of the Vampyre ConneXion seems to be doing events jointly with former rivals the London Vampyre Group.

Clapperboard image copyright Wibbell Productions 2008, all other images copyright Matt Salusbury

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